Monday, December 22, 2008


Well weather, I am impressed. You kept my mail man from coming. I went out to check anyway...through through the foot of snow you left on the ground.

I am starting to get the hang of doing mail art type things. Bear with me if you got/get something kinda weird. I think it's weird I'm having problems with this considering I'm normally fairly creative.

Speaking of creative, I am looking to pretty up my blogs! One thing I need is a quarter sized air mail envelope. I used to use them all the time and now I can't find one at all! If anyone has one they would be willing to send me, email me:

That's all my mail news for now. Hopefully the mail man will be back tomorrow with something nice in my post box!


  1. Hi, I just stopped in to wish you a Merry Christmas! :) I'm looking forward to another year of reading your blog!

  2. Hey, also, you should post scans of your mail art here before you send them off. I'd love to see what you're doing!

  3. Hi Nikki,

    I received your great card last night.
    What a nice surprise, thank you very much, that was very nice of you :)


  4. Wendy- Yes, I think I will. I have been a little timid about it 'cause I wasn't sure I was doing it right. Then, there was one I did that I liked so much I didn't want to send...and I realized there are no rules to it.

    Julie- You're very welcome. ^.^