Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Week In Review

So, my friend has been over for a week and I (mostly) took a break from the internet while she was here. I also tried very hard to take a break from writing letters and postcards (though when we went into Seattle I bought quite a few!)...but a few made it well as a crafty thing or two.

The mail has piled up, though, so I thought I would just post some favorites from the week I was gone.

First, a nifty hand made postcard:
This is from Karen for the Any Kind Of Postcard Swap over on Swap-Bot. It's the first hand made postcard I've gotten, and I think it's pretty cool, seeing as it's made out of old junk mail.

Speaking of junk mail...ever think about getting revenge on the companies that sent it to you? If so, you may be interested in this.

Next up, we have a pretty cool Berlin Wall graffiti postcard:
I think it's pretty cool. I don't think it's good to go painting on public walls or anything, but sometimes graffiti is really interesting and/or lovely. This one came to me from Norbert on

And now one that really amuses me probably more than it should:
This one is courtesy of Jennifer on Swap-Bot for the We Love Funny Postcards #1 swap. I think it makes me giggle a lot because of my obsession with Mr. Beethoven Lives Upstairs when I was little. I had it on cassette and video! The cassette was best. I also had a lives of famous composers book...but I'm getting off topic...

And last but definitely not least for this post, my absolute favorite piece of mail this week:
It's the Beatles!! AND they sparkle!! (I hope there aren't any Blue Meanies behind that bush.) AND there was a totally awesome letter inside! It's from Ilona, who has all the best stationary. Also, I guess she likes my letters too. :D

That's all for now, Snail Mail Addicts...if you really want to see more postcards, I suppose you could see my Flickr stream. I'll be back after the mail comes!


  1. aaagh! I just heard this morning there will be a postal rate increase!

    I keep trying to tell myself that as a hobby writing letters is still cheaper than most any other kind of hobby but still!

  2. I just remembered I had some postcards in my bag. I threw them away. I knew i was never going to use them. It just looked handy when I picked them up for free lolz

  3. Tee hee, tee hee - thank you for the link back! I should note that the Yellow Submarine fold and mail stationery does not inherently sparkle -- I sprayed it with glimmer mist.

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  5. I LOVE the Beatles card! I'm a postcard aholic too:) Your blog is groovy!

  6. Fun mail! Wouldn't I love to open your mailbox?