Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2, 2009

I am very happy to say that the first mail of the new year was awesome. No bills, no advertisements, just a late Christmas card, a letter, and two postcards. Yay!

First one I'm pleased to say, is my very first anything from Swap-Bot:
This is for the Any Kind of Postcard Swap. I love it. Sasquach! :D And to think he lives here in Washington! (The card is actually from Tacoma, which is very close to here.)

And the second one is from Boo on
It's a print of an old WWI. Kinda scary looking, but pretty neat.

I would have scanned the back of the envelope of the letter my buddy, Liv, sent me but I messed it up pretty bad when I opened it. It has kitties on it! Maybe she will send me another one at some point and I can scan it then.

And finally, the outbox...I sent out three postcards today. Only scanned in one, though. It's from the same collection as the pickle one:
This one is going out to someone on who asked for something random. I think the giant potato is random enough. I wonder where this guy is going and what he is going to do with his giant potato of doom?


  1. That potato is SO COOL. I'd love to have a whole series of these on my wall -- big giant fruits and veggies. Love it!

  2. It came from a book: Everything's BIG In This Postcard Book I got it on Amazon, and just sent off the last one. I am totally planning on getting another one, though. They were quite popular!

  3. Those are some really fun and funky postcards! I love the ones that are different.